Sunday, June 17, 2012

Smitten for Mittens...and Fresh Greens

There is just something so cute about mittens! I was giddy when I happen to find this pair at the Dollar Tree..yep, they were one whole dollar! They are the perfect cream color and cable knit...*luv, luv, luv*. Immediately an inspiration popped to which I am pretty sure was BHG but can't remember or find ~ luckily though it was filed away in the crafty cabinet of my brain.

I gathered some fresh greens from our property (Fraser Fir & Holly cuttings), Some Faux Berries which I had in the craft room, along with White Satin Ribbon, floral wire and my trusty ole' glue gun.

I started by cutting a strip of ribbon to size and hot gluing the ends into the inner cuff of each mitten. Randomly bunching some Fraser Fir and Holly cuttings together, I secured the ends with floral wire. Adding some faux berries I tucked the gathering into the mittens and done.

I love the simplicity of this.

All for $1.00 and some assistance of nature. Enjoy! XOXO

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